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About Us

Kevin & Anne Beauchesne

Prior to relocating here in 1994, I had vacationed on Deep Creek and fell in love with the area just as you will when you visit Bryson City. The allure of the mountains, and the adventures of the Smokies, captured my heart and convinced me that I needed to make a move from the big city of Atlanta.  Little did I know, when I made that decision to relocate to Bryson City, that nineteen years later not only would I still call this place home with my wife our children and two granddaughters, but that my parents, my wife’s parents, my cousin Ray and now my Aunt Nancy would also call this magnificent place home.

Bryson City will captivate your heart from your very first visit. With its laid back, unhurried pace of life, you can relax and enjoy all this area has to offer.  From the Alarka Mountains to the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Great Smoky Mountains and the Nantahala National Forrest, this landscape is awe-inspiring, touches a part of your soul, and brings you closer to nature while instilling a sense of well being and inner peace. 

I jokingly said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love renting to you, but it might be cheaper if I built you your own cabin”.

Should you decide to build a log home, you can share this same experience that I have been blessed with, with your own family and friends. Ever since we rented out our first purchased cabin in 1998, many of our guests have become friends. They keep returning year after year, often renting the same cabin with their families, creating great memories and family traditions. Many of our guests return to the area because they remember visiting this tranquil place with their parents during their childhood. They continue the tradition with their children in the comfort and relaxation of our spacious cabins

People who return year after year have become our friends and part of our extended family. As our relationships develop, we have offered them a chance to own their very own log cabin. It started as a joke when one of my repeat guests booked their 5th visit with us and I jokingly said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love renting to you, but it might be cheaper if I built you your own cabin”.  And from that conversation we immediately started to discuss building a log cabin with their desire for us to manage it as a rental so that when they were not visiting the Smoky Mountains others could help pay for it. 

That’s how it all started and we’re offering you a chance to own your vacation log cabin while allowing our sister company Bryson City Cabin Rentals to manage and rent it out on your behalf.  Of course you also have the option of keeping your new log home all to yourself.  Either way is just fine with us. 

Thanks for checking out the log cabins and dreams we take pride in helping build.  Please feel free to call me if you wish to discuss how I can make a log cabin in the Smoky Mountains a reality for you. It might just be one of the best family investments you make. 

Kind Regards,

Kevin Beauchesne