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Log Cabin Systems, Plans and Pricing

We design and build log homes from the finest materials using a superior old-world level of craftsmanship and attention to detail along with the best modern building techniques. Our unmatched commitment to customer service and our top-quality custom designs and log systems combine to make us the premier log home builder in the industry.

Premium Log Systems

We offer the highest-quality eastern white pine logs with an endless array of log profiles, corner systems, custom options, floor plans, and more. Eastern white pine is revered for its exceptionally-high R-value, which makes it a superb insulator, its superior stability, limited shrinkage, relatively low weight, and beautiful appearance.

Trusted Construction Services

Our expert crews specialize in dry-in construction of our custom log homes and cabins, delivering premium craftsmanship and quality that will stand the test of time.

Our Log Systems Feature:

Eastern white pine: Top rated for energy efficiency, stability, and shrinkage.

Kiln-dried logs: The best, most consistent dried log available.

TPI-graded wall Log 40 Logs: Guaranteeing the highest levels of structural integrity.

Double seal system: The most proven log sealing system, with double tongues, double grooves, and double gaskets for the best seal available.

Pre-cut and notched Logs: For added ease in installation.

Log Profiles

Log homes and cabins have been around in various forms since the early days of human civilization, but never before have there been such a wide selection of beautiful log profiles to suit any aesthetic.

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Log Corner Systems

Just as we are able to offer a variety of different log profiles, we are also capable of producing a range of corner systems, each with its own particular visual appeal and unique functional advantages.

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Log Facts and Key Terms

The Eastern White Pine logs we provide come packed with a range of modern and old-world features, representing the very best in log homes. Learn more about the key features of our logs by clicking below.

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White Pine and Kiln Drying

Eastern White Pine is the ideal wood for log homes due to its natural beauty, strength, incredible stability, light weight, strength, insulative properties, and more. Click below for more about our white pine.

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Log Home Materials Packages

Want to start slow with a weatherproofed dry-in shell to finish later? Here's what you get.

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