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We looked at it [the plans] and only made one change, you had to have a large window in the bedroom and I said I wanted all large windows in the house. So I went to the bank, opened a checking account, put money in and handed you the check book, this was October, and said when we come back in April, you can hand us the key. Every so often you would call and I would put more money in the account. In April we came back and the cabin was finished.

Our cabin was just great, one large room with the kitchen at one end, one bath and a large bedroom, upstairs was a loft with a double bed and all my sewing goodies. We had a big porch on one side and you added a carport on the other side. Our "deal" worked for you and it worked for us. Enjoyed seeing you last summer. I will be happy to give any references you might like... 

Clel Shore – Arcadia Florida 

We are pleased to highly recommend Kevin to his potential clients. In fall of 2009 we purchased our log cabin from Kevin. We have been very satisfied with the quality of construction and service after we closed. Kevin has worked closely with us over the past year on various improvement projects

Which have exceeded our expectations. I can be reached via email at neil@lincnetwork.com or my office 214‐435‐3223 to discuss our experiences anytime.

Sincerely, Neil Fonville 

WOW! We first met Kevin while renting one of his cabins in 1996 – our take away was his sincere approach to mixing customer service with building knowledge, years later we were ready to purchase land to complete our dream project so in summer of 2010 we set out to find that prefect piece of property. We again stayed in one of his cabins and set up appointments with four different real estate brokers – we looked at over 25 parcels of land – We had our last appoint with Kevin he showed us properties he felt had the lay of the land for our needs. We stood on a parcel in Deep Creek that we envisioned to be the one. We shook hands and purchased the property that same week.  

Our time line was to wait and build a cabin by 2015 but we were so excited after spending time with Kevin and his vision we pushed that date up to start building in Spring of 2013. We travel back to the meet Kevin in August 2011 to start the process being from Tampa Fl. We felt the task would take us a few years to complete. While standing on the land and exchanging ideas we knew doing it right now was the right time as Kevin was anxious to keep his crew working through the winter of 2011/12. Over the next few weeks Kevin presented, us with plans, and his time line, which was for completion by April 2012.

Having built homes before we figured when a builder tells you cost and time lines you factor in 25 % in overruns as well as calendar days. We finalized plans Oct 2011 for The Summit – by November the land was cleared and the foundation poured – we spent Thanksgiving in one of Kevin’s other cabins on our same mountain and watched in amazement the building process. We returned, about 2 months later. To walk the site before electric and plumbing were completed – We made a few alterations, which Kevin accommodated without surcharges (again a first for us). We told Kevin our schedule going into spring, 2012 would be tight and if he was not able to meet the deadline we would need to know now, he assured us his crew would be ready to turn it over to us late March. We felt that is a tight schedule but Kevin assured us he would meet the time line.

Thought-out the building stage Kevin took pictures and provided us updates (another first for us) We took him on his word the cabin would be ready so we rounded up family and friends rented the biggest truck U-Haul offered and hit the road from Tampa traveling North on March 23rd… When we arrived, we were so impressed with the outcome we knew this was due to the personal involvement Kevin took for this project and our final Wow moment was he greeting us at the cabin with his crew  waiting to help us unload the truck and set up the cabin. As we were driving home on March 30, we got a call from Ray (Bryson City Cabins Rentals) – Kevin’s cousin and Business partner, who informed us we had our first guest booked April 1.

Did we mention Kevin also, stayed within budget...?  

Jim and Michelle Ricca  Tampa, Florida 

We love our little mountain cabin in Bryson City, NC. It is very well constructed and is oriented for a great view of the 4200 ft. Alarka Mountains. The contractor, Kevin Beauchesne, was responsive in resolving one or two small problems to our satisfaction as we moved in to enjoy this wonderful area. His construction crew did a beautiful job finishing the inside with quality wall and floor treatments. We can recommend him without reservation.  

Richard and Barbara

After a number of weekend cabin rentals with Hidden Creek it became clear to us we were in love with the Bryson City area. We expressed our thoughts to Kevin Beauchesne who asked if we ever considered building a cabin ourselves. He offered to show us some property that was in the area. We looked at several lots that were available and a few recently constructed cabins. We really liked a lot he showed us on Fernwood overlooking the National Forest and picked up some great ideas from the cabins we saw. There was never any pressure and since this was our first potential home building experience that was appreciated. To make a long story short we are pleased to say we decided to build a cabin. Kevin and the entire team were very supportive, answered our questions and guided us through the entire process. Never did we feel apprehensive about our decision and the cabin came out great. We have owned the cabin for almost a year now and we cannot tell you how happy we are, we absolutely love it!

Bruce and Lynne Watson (and Cleo)

Hey Kevin,

It has been a fantastic process to go through with you. Heather and I are very pleased with the outcome. One more itsy bitsy hurdle with the carpet and we are set.  You and your team really hung in there and got it done.

I must commend Dillard for going above and beyond. A man of his "maturity" down on his hands and knees sanding my floor....only hope I can still get after it at 60 like he does. 

I am proud to say that my home was finished by you, especially with your coming in at mid-stream and following the work of others. 

Peace to you and yours,

Bob & Heather

Hey Kevin,

Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your wonderful team for the great job you did on constructing Allen’s Retreat. I was so glad to have met you when I started searching for a local contractor in the area to build on the family land my mom gifted to me. It was super important to me to find someone who understood what I was looking for in a second home and vacation rental to share with others. The excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail that you delivered will make the years spent rocking on the vast porch looking out at the beautiful mountain view that much more pleasurable!  Your patience and guidance during the process was another reason why I can’t wait to get started on other cabins with you right away. Here’s  looking forward to the construction of Maude’s Mountain Getaway, Troy’s Tree House, and Helen’s Hideaway!


Karen Whitaker 

After renting cabins for years, Kevin built Deep Creek Overlook for us in 2012.  Kevin sold us on the idea that we could rent our new cabin to help cover the costs.  Well it rented so well we decided to build another cabin, Black Bear Lodge in 2013.  This beautiful ranch plan is so popular we are going to build our third cabin soon. 

Kevin is easy going and very good to work with.  His crew pays attention to detail and is willing to make custom changes during the construction project.  Kevin and his crew are also available for special projects and repairs as they arise during the normal course of owning a cabin.  Recently Kevin sent out his lead foreman Dillard to fix some bi-fold doors that had come off track.  When I offered to pay him he said “don’t worry about it.”   We are looking forward to building with Kevin again…

Darrell & Terri Watts

Charlotte, NC