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Floor Plans 1000-2000 sq ft

Tall Pines

2,210 Square Feet
3 Bed | 2.5 Bath
Package & Labor for a complete dry-in* on your land. $317,000

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Floor Plans

*Price includes: footers, a standard 36" high foundation, 6" x 8" kiln-dried eastern white pine D-logs, metal roof, windows, exterior doors, decks, and factory engineered floor plans.

*Price does not include cost of land, water, septic, roads, driveways, gravel, utilities, soil & footer engineering (if required), basements.


Tall Pines 1st Floor
Tall Pines 2nd Floor


* Package & Labor For a Complete Dry-in On Your Land

Dried-in Log Cabin Shell. At this stage of construction, your log cabin is approx 50% completed.  The interior of the cabin is "in the dry".  This means all of the windows, exterior doors, and a shingle roof (metal available for an upcharge) are all installed and the interior of your cabin is safe from wind, rain and the outside elements. Also included in the log cabin shell is the construction of your decks and interior framing.  

What is left to do after the Log Cabin Shell phase has been competed? Your log cabin is now ready for our plumbers, electricians, heating/AC installer, fireplace mason and our insulators.  After those items are completed, the cabin is now ready for us to install your choices of flooring, tile, cabinets, vanities, sinks, faucets, fans, lights and all of the finishing touches.  We can also help with your landscaping.

What does it cost to complete your 'dried-in log cabin shell' to where it is move-in ready? The costs to complete your dried-in log cabin shell can vary greatly depending onthe types of finishes you choose. If you plan to finish the cabin with standard finishes, as shown in the majority of the cabins you see on our Portfolio page, simply multiply the square footage of the floor plan you are interested in by $275 per square foot. This will give you an accurate estimate of the total construction costs for a completed move-in-ready log cabin. (The $275 per square foot estimate does not include the cost of your land, water, septic system, or final landscaping).

What does a "Dried-in Log Cabin Shell" look like and what's included?